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     NOVA Neuropsychiatry, PLLC provides medical consultations to adult patients of all ages seeking to obtain definitive diagnostic conclusions and learn about the most effective treatments available. The core concept of Dr Serghi’s practice is based on the application of the scientific method to the most current medical evidence for both the diagnosis and the treatment of brain disorders, occurring within the absolute privacy and comfort of the patient-doctor therapeutic space.


     Dr Serghi’s approach to the medical act is built around the central concept of biological, psychological and social determinants to human illness in general and specifically to diseases and syndromes of the brain. The process of the initial psychiatric consultation includes the clinical interviewing, a thorough review of the past medical records and communications with other physicians and medical practitioners involved in the current and recent care of the patient as well as with the patient’s most relevant social contacts as appropriate. Often the diagnostic process will include obtaining more medical evidence by completing further investigations, usually radiological, electrophysiological, and laboratory, as well as standardized neuropsychological testing, all in collaboration with other experts. A thorough discussion of diagnostic conclusions is followed by a presentation of the available therapeutic options ending in a comprehensive and goal-oriented treatment plan. Dr Serghi practices combined psychopharmacological and psychotherapy care, and he can provide both brief psychotherapeutic interventions as well as long term psychodynamic psychotherapy. His medication prescribing follows the most recent evidence-based data for both on and off label indications related to any neurological and psychiatric diagnoses. Dr Serghi can make recommendations and referrals to providers of treatments not currently offered by NOVA Neuropsychiatry, PLLC, including specific psychotherapy modalities (eg EMDR, DBT), electromagnetic brain stimulation therapies (eg ECT, TMS) and Ketamine infusions.


     Based on his prior clinical practice experience, Dr Serghi can provide a medico-legal expert opinion related to brain disorder diagnoses and prognoses as they relate to mental capacity and legal competency. Dr Serghi can assist families of permanently incapacitated patients due to neurological and psychiatric conditions with the process of obtaining legal guardianship or conservatorship. Dr Serghi can also render an expert medical opinion about a person’s diagnosed brain disorder as it relates to thinking, behavior and acts that make the scope of legal matters.

     Dr Serghi has experience providing consultations and trainings to individuals and their organizations on topics related to work-related burnout, stress management, how to create a culture that supports individual wellbeing and motivation, how to identify depression and other mental health issues in self and others, strategies for prevention and interventions, and many more. Contact us today if your organization (professional society, church, school, business, government organization, club, community board, etc) is considering providing wellness & wellbeing and/or mental health education to your members or you are interested in developing an overall strategy for enhancing organizational capacity and resilience.

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